Our Horses

HRU horses are up-to-date on vet/farrier/dental needs and thoroughly evaluated prior to adoption.

Our horses are available to approved homes on a minimum 60 day trial period. Adopters must be located within a eight (8) hour drive of Howell, NJ OR to the Lexington, Kentucky area (unless otherwise noted).

Our next adopter will receive a $100 Tractor Supply Co. gift card after a successful trial period AND a painting of the newly-adopted horse, courtesy of one of our adopters.

Another HRU adopter is offering FREE transportation for one horse within 200 miles of central New Jersey.

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For more information or to start the adoption process, please email us.


Estimated 8 year-old 18 hand BLIND black Percheron gelding - companion/pasture pet only

HRU was surrendered to Congo by his former owner, who was also previously Prince's (a New Holland auction save) owner. Congo went blind in both of his eyes due to utivitis with multiple complications. He depends greatly on having another horse to see for him and currently lives outside 24/7 with a shed with Cool Cookie (CC). Congo requires secure fencing.

Congo is very sweet and needs an adopter who has owned horses before, preferably someone experienced with drafts. Sponsor Congo. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


20 year-old 15.3 hand bay Standardbred gelding - companion/pasture pet only

Courage is a laid back, kind horse with a husband type personality. He has been a babysitter to weanlings over the past several years, after having earned $170,000 on the track. He has great ground manners and is wonderful with other horses. Due to a hock injury, Courage is pasture sound only. He currently lives outside 24/7 with a shed. Sponsor Courage. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


14 year-old 15.3 hand dark bay Standardbred gelding - companion/pasture pet only

Scottie was saved from New Holland auction in March 2016. He was very thin and found with the identification freezebrand on his neck burned/cut off. He was later identified as Butterscotch Swirl, a horse who won $170,000 on the track, thanks to DNA testing by the United States Trotting Association.

Scottie last worked as an Amish horse and developed osteoarthritis and severe lower ringbone in his right front hoof. He is currently medication free (taken when needed) and wears front bar shoes with degree pads. Scottie is a normal keeper and very sweet horse. Scottie can be bossy in the paddock, so he needs a confident companion. He currently lives outside 24/7 with a shed. Sponsor Scottie. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


18 year-old 17 hand brown Standardbred gelding - companion/pasture pet only

Kaline was a popular racehorse who supported HRU for many years thanks to his generous owner. He had 202 starts, won 41 times (31 seconds and 26 thirds) and had total earnings of $570,000. In 2007, he was the highest money earner for nine year-olds in the US. Kaline retired from racing in July 2010.

Kaline is sweet as can be and the best companion horse ever, great with all other horses. He is a harder keeper who requires a good amount of feed. Kaline has a stifle issue that is controlled by Previcox. He currently lives outside 24/7 with a shed. Sponsor Kaline. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


Estimated 18 year-old 12.1 hand bay roan possible Welsh/Hackney pony stallion - driving prospect or paddock pony - suited for experienced person

Speedwell had sold to a renderer for meat at New Holland auction. It was his good fortune that they forgot to load him on the trailer, which gave him time to find a second chance with HRU.

Speedwell is a typical stud (cryptorchid stallion) and will not be gelded due to potentially life-threatening complications. He is a kind boy with a wonderful, playful personality. Speedwell has definitely had some rough corrections in his past, so he needs an experienced, confident handler. He can be headshy when you work around his neck and ears, especially on his left side.

Speedwell leads and listens well. He is good trailering and with the farrier. Speedwell is trained to drive with a cart and will make a knowledgeable person a very nice prospect.

Speedwell currently lives in a stall with daily turnout, but would be fine with 24/7 turnout with a shed. Since he is a stallion, he's best kept alone with other horses in view or with a laid back gelding or two. Sponsor Speedwell. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


Estimated 23 year-old 14.2 hand dark bay Standardbred mare - companion/pasture pet only

Jessica is a former Amish buggy horse who was saved from slaughter via New Holland auction. She is an absolutely excellent companion who gets along with minis to drafts. Jess would do best in a quiet home as a companion to another horse or pony or with a small group of kind horses.

Due to her past, Jess needs time to warm up to new people. She likes to be left alone at times, but is a charmer at heart. She loves being brushed out during shedding season especially. Jess has a very expressive face.

Jess comes with her own leather halter and nameplate. She suffered from laminitis during the winter of 2015 and foundered with a slight rotation (~5 degrees) in one hoof, but is barefoot and currently only on pergolide to keep her Cushings disease under control. Jess currently lives outside 24/7 with a shed. Sponsor Jessica. Available for adoption within three (3) hour drive of Howell, NJ- FREE to approved home.


16 year-old 16.1 hand dark bay Standardbred mare - companion/pasture pet only

Cool Cookie (CC) is a retired Standardbred trotter and former broodmare who is a great companion to other horses. She is sound, healthy and an easy keeper, but does not enjoy being ridden, so we no longer ask that of her.

CC can be moody at times, but if you give her a chance, she is a wonderful horse. She hates the vet, but is good with the farrier. She enjoys baths and will drink from the hose. CC is equally good living outside 24/7 with a shed or stalled with daily turnout. Sponsor Cool Cookie. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


~30 year-old 18 hand gray Percheron gelding - in rehab

Prince was found at New Holland auction on January 30, 2017. He was not cleared to run through the sale, so we found his owner and purchased him to ensure he wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. Prince requires some special TLC: he was thin and missing teeth, so requires multiple mashes a day, and was treated for mites. Prince is already gaining weight and is a total sweetheart. Sponsor Prince.


19 year-old and 26 year-old bay Thoroughbred mares - companion/pasture pets - not yet available, but will only be adoptable as a pair

Kiwi and Lori are two Thoroughbreds mares that spent most of their lives in the same loving home. Their owner was sadly unable to keep them due to health reasons and lovingly surrendered them to HRU. Kiwi and Lori are sweet, friendly and well-mannered, but have never been ridden. They will only be available for adoption in the future to the same home as pasture pet/companions. Sponsor Kiwi and Lori.