Our Horses

HRU horses are up-to-date on vet/farrier/dental needs and thoroughly evaluated prior to adoption.

Adoptable horses are available to approved homes on a minimum 60 day trial period. Adopters must be located within a eight (8) hour drive of Howell, NJ OR to the Lexington, Kentucky area (unless otherwise noted).

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For more information or to start the adoption process, please email us.


27 year-old 15.1 hand bay Standardbred mare - companion/pasture pet only

Rose Puddle is an owner surrender that came to HRU with Willow in November 2020. She was badly emaciated, a scale 1 on the Henneke body condition scale. She is a sweet mare to brush and handle.

Rose is good with the vet and farrier, just gets a little impatient at times. She can be a little pushy sometimes; like all former starved horses, she takes meal times very seriously. Rose gets soaked grain and will continue to do so due to her age.

Rose needs to be stalled at night in the winter and wears a blanket. While we require another equine on the same property, she doesn't need to be in the same field or paddock and is friendly socializing with horses over the fence. However, she is good with other horses in turnout.

Rose is still in the rehab process, so she is currently only available as a pasture pet/companion within a one hour drive of Howell, NJ. As she gains weight and strength, the distance she will be available to a home will increase. Sponsor Rose. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


27 year-old 15.1 hand bay Standardbred mare - companion/pasture pet only

Likely an Amish horse in her past, Isis had been purchased at auction, then was saved from a "rescue" who was starving her and over a dozen other horses in 2011. An HRU foster rehabilitated her and she was soon adopted as a companion horse for nine years. When her equine pasture companion passed away in December 2020, her adopters decided to return her to the rescue's care.

Isis is very gentle and sweet, good around kids and dogs. She will make a wonderful pasture pet/companion to a new adoptive home. Sponsor Isis. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


3 year-old 16 hand bay Standardbred gelding - under evaluation, available to advanced rider/trainer home currently

Melt is a pacer who raced a few times in 2020, but wasn't fast enough to continue his career. He is yet to be started under saddle, but should make someone a fantastic all-around riding prospect with time and training. Sponsor Melt. Available for adoption- $500 to approved home.


15 year-old 16 hand bay Standardbred mare - companion/pasture pet only

Only Fascination was an Amish buggy horse at one time and sold at a sales program once used up. She has a big knee, so we expect her to only be pasture sound at this time. She was at a farm that sold, she's looking for a new home and will be protected by HRU's contract.

She makes an excellent companion to other horses as she lives in a herd and gets along well with others. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


Estimated 17-20 year-old 11.2 hand chestnut pony mare - companion/pasture pet only

Willow is an owner surrender who came to HRU with Rose Puddle in November 2020. She had a large salivary stone in her face removed after coming into our care. She is a little shy, but will come for a bucket thinking it's food. Willow is good for the vet and farrier.

Willow's manners leading and loaded in a trailer improved tremendously within just a month in our care; she most recently loaded perfectly on a trailer, and she will lead alongside a cart/RTV.

Willow is an extremely easy keeper whose diet only consists of timothy hay. She will make a great pasture pet or companion pony for another horse. Sponsor Willow. Available for adoption- FREE to approved home.


16 year-old 16.1 hand bay Standardbred gelding - in rehabilitation

Billy earned over $131,000 as a Standardbred racehorse before most likely working as an Amish buggy horse for most of his life. He was sold to a kill buyer in January 2020 and purchased by private individuals who surrendered him to HRU for rehabilitation.

Billy was starved close to organ failure and battled a tick borne illness, most likely Lyme's Disease, in the past. He is currently in quarantine and has a long road of recovery ahead. Sponsor Billy.


Estimated 25 and 26 year-old 9 hand miniature horses - permanent HRU residents

Charm and Joey are a pair of bonded senior mini horses who spent many years in a home together. They were lovingly surrendered to HRU due to their owner's illness. They are permanent residents of HRU in need of sponsors. Sponsor Charm and Joey.


20 year-old 16.1 hand dark bay Standardbred mare - permanent HRU resident

Cool Cookie (CC) is a retired Standardbred trotter and former broodmare who has chronic utivitis. She is a permanent HRU resident who makes a good companion to many of our other rescue horses. Sponsor Cool Cookie.